The Cake Loom Weaves Life Stories Into Baked Delights!

"I endeavour to express emotions and narrate life stories through customised cakes as a painter does through his canvas," says Ashapurna Choudhury, a home baker from NCR.

Story Behind The Name

"The name of my venture 'The Cake Loom' is inspired by the world-famous handloom weaving that I have grown up seeing back home in Assam," explains Ashapurna. She adds, "The Cake Loom signifies cakes handcrafted with skill and passion to narrate life stories through intricate cake art and delightful flavours. Just as a weaver creates intricate designs on garments."

When Baking Becomes Meditation

Baking means meditation to her. It's a passion turned into a profession. She started baking during her college days as a hobby. Even while she was working as an art and design professional, she had always been baking to unwind after a hard day’s work.

A Sweet Journey

"I have always been passionate about creative arts, whether it was my stint as media personnel or my subsequent career as an Interior Designer," she says. "After my daughter was born, I decided to take a professional break, but I kept my creative pursuit alive through baking," she shares excitedly.

She launched her startup in 2017 after she decided to turn her hobby into a profession. "I have been getting much appreciation from my near and dear ones for my experimentation with designs and tastes all along, that inspired me to launch my creations professionally," she states.

"The journey has been exhilarating so far. I kept learning specialized techniques and recipes. The appreciation I receive from my customers for my bespoke cakes keeps me motivated," she says.

"Being featured among the Top 25 Home Bakers in NCR in 2019 was a significant milestone. I am humbled by the encouragement and committed to making the occasions extra special for my patrons through my signature cake art," she says.

Healthy Indulgence

"We use premium ingredients and bake with passion in the cleanliest and the most hygienic environment of the home. We bake keeping in mind the health of kids and delight of connoisseurs. Our premium homemade cupcakes, muffins, cakes, cookies and assorted confectionery, provide for a healthy indulgence."

Challenging Cake Art 

So what are the challenges of a cake artist? "Every order comes with its challenges as I endeavour to make each cake a piece of art narrating a unique story. Each customer comes with his or her unique requirements that I then translate into a narrative for my cake art."

She adds, "It is a creative process that throws challenges of conceptualisation and rendering with a perfect blend of imagery and tastes. Translating a message or a storyline on a cake is not only difficult but extremely time-consuming and tests one's skills to its limits. But the pleasure of creating something unique every time far surpasses the pain and the challenge."

"Once, I felt a bit awkward when a woman requested me to narrate her private life through the cake art. It was the first time that I translated adult content onto a cake. Although I was uncomfortable as I was doing it for the first time, over time I have learned to relish the moments of creativity, irrespective of the nature of the content," she quips.

Advice For Aspiring Home Bakers

Ashapurna Choudhury, Home Baker/Cake Artist

"Believe in your dreams and work hard," is her advice for aspiring home bakers.