5 Minute Instant Dessert Recipe To Drool Over

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Surprise your loved ones with a drool-worthy five-minute instant cake-like dessert and make any celebration memorable. 

This dessert recipe is so quick that you can make it within minutes when you want to calm your craving for a cake. And it uses only three ingredients. Yes, you heard it right!

We call it Quarantine Cake-like Dessert as we created this one during the lockdown period with limited resources. This is an eggless dessert recipe and you only need three ingredients to make it. You don't require an oven or microwave to bake this one. You even don’t require gas. Yes, you heard it right!

We created this dessert in the shape of a House to give a message to everyone that Stay Home, Stay Safe. Only by staying at home, we can break the chain of COVID-19. 

You can make this cake in any shape you like.

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Now let’s come back to our five minute instant dessert recipe. So, without any further ado, let's get started!



  • Parle G Biscuits: 4-5 packets (as per the shape/design you want)  
  • Fresh Cream or whipped cream or malai (anyone will do)
  • Milk (at room temperature): 1 Cup 
  • Sugar: 1 Tbsp (or as per your taste) (optional)
  • Pineapple flavour: few drops (any flavour you like) (optional)


These are optional and you can use any other replacements as per your idea and liking.
  • Gems 
  • Wafers 
  • Oreo Biscuits
  • Bourbon Biscuits

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1. Take Parle G biscuits (you can take any biscuits you like) to make the base of the cake.

2. In a bowl take one cup of milk. We will use this milk to dip biscuits in it and prepare a base with those biscuits.

3. Now take a plate on which we will make this instant cake. 

4. Take one biscuit and dip it in the milk, now keep it on the plate. 

5. Now dip another biscuit in the milk and arrange it next to the first biscuit. We will arrange 12 biscuits at the bottom and add two more layers of 12 biscuits to create the base of the cake. 

We are making a Home shaped cake-like dessert, you can make any shape you like and arrange the biscuits according to the shape of your choice.

6. Now for frosting, you can use whipped cream or if it’s not available you can use fresh cream. In fact, due to lockdown, we used fresh cream which was at home and the cake tasted yum. 

You can also use malai to make homemade cream. Just churn malai in your mixie and if you want to add sugar you can add 1 tbsp sugar or as per your taste. Sugar is optional. We have not used it.

7. Take the cream in a bowl and add few drops of pineapple flavour, mix it well. You can add any flavour of your liking. This step is optional.

8. Now cover the base of the dessert with this cream frosting.

9. We will add more biscuit layers to create the structure of the house. Three layers of six biscuits. 

10. Now use biscuits to create the boundary wall of the house.

11. Use wafers to cut out a door and windows.

12. Now using wafers create the roof of the house.

13. To create the front boundary, we have used bourbon biscuits and the front gate is created using half waver.

14. To create the garden, we have used gems. 

Guys, our five minute instant cake is ready. It's delicious!

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