Bhor Movie Review: Drives home a powerful message without being preachy

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Helmed by Kamakhya Narayan Singh, Bhor is a message-driven film with impressive new talent. Screened at over 30 National and International Film Festivals, it has won several awards and garnered critical acclaim. It's on top of our list of must watch new Bollywood movies.

Film Bhor captures the rustic charm of village life. Subtle romance warms your heart. A realistic story, rustic dialogues and a sprinkle of humour make for an engrossing narrative.

Authentic Story of Dreams & Struggles

The story of the Bhor movie revolves around the dreams and struggles of a female protagonist Bhudhni (Saveree Sri Gaur) who hails from a small village in Bihar and belongs to the Musahar community that is considered 'untouchable'. The content of this movie stands out from the other new Hindi movies released recently.

Bhor Movie Review Video (Hindi with English Subtitles)

Budhni wants to pursue her studies but her father fixes her marriage to Sugan (Devesh Ranjan) even when she was below the legal age of marriage.

She agrees to get married on the condition that she will be allowed to continue her studies. Soon after her marriage, she has to face the problem of sanitisation. But her caring husband comes up with a temporary solution!

In rural areas, due to the absence of toilets in homes, villagers have to go out at dawn (Hindi word Bhor means dawn in English). The film sheds the spotlight on the issue of open defecation.

After marriage, Budhni continues her studies and tops the district and DM rewards her with some money to construct a toilet in her home. But her father-in-law (Nalneesh Neel) and husband spend that money in organising a dance performance at their village without her consent.

The drama unfolds, bringing attention to yet another issue - domestic violence.

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As Bhudhni overcomes one challenge that life throws at her, another problem shows up. She has to move to Delhi with Sugan to arrange for the money required for her father-in-law's treatment. But there too, she has to face the problem of sanitisation.

When Prime Minister took her name in his speech, journalists approached her for the interview. Cut to she became the torchbearer of the Right to Sanitisation movement!

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Refreshingly Honest & Engrossing

This skillfully directed drama transcends the audience to a small village and gives an opportunity to see life from a different perspective. Singh did justice to the rural story, which is reflected in every frame of the 90-minute movie.

Budhni & Sugan's wedding scenes give a fascinating glimpse into the rural wedding. The film offers a refreshing contrast to the mainstream masala Bollywood movies.

Bhor won the Best Director Award at the Ottawa Indian Film Festival, Canada.

The film's appeal lies in the authentic performances by the fresh faces. As a Casting Director, Dilip Shankar deserves applause for his spot-on choices.

Saveree shines as Bhudhni as she convincingly portrays her character. Devesh's acting and dialogue delivery reflect rustic charm. Their romantic chemistry warms your heart.

Actor Nalneesh Neel (Bhudhni's drunkard father-in-law) outshines with his outstanding performance, especially in the drunk scenes. His acting won him the Best Actor in the Negative Role at the Caleidoscope Indian Film Festival, Boston.

Other actors too made their mark be it Ravindra Sahoo (Thakur Sahab) who was far away from the stereotyped Hindi film Thakurs. Or Pavleen Gujaral (Madamji/Teacher) who did justice to her deglamorized role. 

Joginder Panda's camera captures the rustic beauty of a small village in all its glory against the stark contrast of shrinking Delhi, the national capital.

Soulful Music: Bhaiya O Bhaiya Majdoor Bhaiya

The music of the film captivates with its rustic allure! 'Bhaiya o bhaiya majdoor bhaiya' is a heart touching song on the plight of migrant workers sung by celebrated Bhojpuri singer Kalpana Patowary.

Following the footsteps of a masala Bollywood film, there is an item song too! 'Payaliya ne lagayi pehredari, saniyaan sarkari' is a foot-tapping dance number.

Must Watch Social Drama

The film captures the plight of rural people through the lens of cinema.
At the Caleidoscope Indian Film Festival, Boston, the film got the award for The Best Feature on Social Issues.

The story, screenplay and dialogues of the movie are written by Ranjan Chauhan, Kamakhya Narayan Singh and Bhaskar Vishwanathan. The trio skillfully captured the soul of rural India, weaving together a story with a message.

As the drama unfolds, the narrative steers you through various social issues faced by rural India, one at a time.

The message-driven film sheds light on issues like - education, sanitisation and women empowerment. It depicts the stark reality of society and creates social awareness.

"Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn."

Rating: 4/5

Where to watch: Streaming on MX Player

Bhor Cast & Crew

Director: Kamakhya Narayan Singh

Producer: Anjani Kumar Singh

Gyanesh Films Production


Saveree Sri Gaur as Budhni

Devesh Ranjan as Sugan

Nalneesh Neel as Chamku

Pavleen Gujral as Madam

Ravindra Sahoo as Thakur

Sandeep Gupta as Fotu

Rajeev Pandey as Chote Thakur

Sumit Sarkar as Police Inspector Tewari

Story, Screenplay & Dialogues:

Ranjan Chauhan, Kamakhya Narayan Singh, Bhaskar Vishwanathan

Bappi-Tutul (Background music)
Sagar Desai (Background music)
Jessica Weiss (Background music)

Singer: Meenal Jain, Kalpana Patowary, Vibha Rani
Lyricist: Manoj Yadav
Song Composer: Gulraj Singh

Assistant Director: Noella D'Souza, Kripa Shankar, Mausam Sharma, Jasraj Sanghani
Costume: Sandhya Yadav
Casting: Dilip Shankar
Art Direction: Mrinal Das, Alok Halder
Editing: Navnita Sen
DOP: Joginder Panda

pics courtesy: Bhor official Facebook page